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4 Technology Trends You Need to Know in 2022

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Technology is ever-evolving, and what is top of the line today can be rendered obsolete in less than a year when the next model is released. This evolution might seem like a mere matter of the quality of hardware you are using, but this phenomenon shares many parallels with software evolution and cybersecurity professionals. Such evolution trends involve security changes and updates to the software powering the devices, and understanding the trends themselves is vital to ensuring hackers and cyberattacks remain a minimal threat.

In a world of advanced technology and devices, the rising changes and evolution require careful observation. As we approach 2022, some trends are essential to note for cybersecurity professionals and firms looking to hire dedicated cybersecurity teams.

#1: Growing Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is commonly misinterpreted as fully autonomous programs in robot bodies, but the reality is that it already exists as the software in your smart devices. Smartphones, televisions, and any other “smart” products you might have in the house have rudimentary AI software. As we approach 2022, cybersecurity professionals should remain aware of the growth of these artificial intelligences. Unfortunately, while such software can be highly beneficial in making our devices more intuitive, it can also be abused by cybercriminals who use AI to launch attacks and avoid detection.

AI can be used to poison data, pit an AI against another by using generative adversarial networks, or even manipulate bots. All of these actions result in attackers abusing AI to access data illegally for personal gain. This means that cybersecurity professionals need to be aware of the weaknesses of widely used AIs and how to combat those created by hackers through those same vulnerabilities.

#2: Increasing Digitization

We, as a society, have begun a mass exodus of our data to a digital plane for ease of access. This digitization saw a marked increase following the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced most Americans to begin working from home rather than in the office. This placed privileged information for both the worker and the company on the same devices. This has led to cyberattacks being launched to get all of this information for personal gain. 

This digitization is a trend that must be monitored so that new methods for protecting digitally stored data from hack attempts can be developed. Otherwise, the private data could easily be stolen and abused for the personal profit of the thieves.

#3: No-Code Interfaces

One of the most significant issues facing today’s technology industry is the lack of talented professionals to fuel it. As a result, there has been an increase in no-code interfaces to compensate and create the systems we need without needing a significant level of skill with coding. In fact, there have been applications released, like Microsoft’s Codex, that create code generated from the analysis of human speech.

This hands-off approach must be monitored as the security of such no-code software is very much in question. This is because no security systems have been personally adapted to the program, and the semi-automatic process might leave them vulnerable to attack.

#4: Transparency Concerns

Relating to the issue of AI, transparency revolves around the issue of “black box” AI. “Black box” AI is a form of artificial intelligence that cannot be easily examined due to the complexity of the code itself, making such scrutiny extremely difficult, if not impossible. As we become more and more reliant on AI, understanding it is crucial to avoid irresponsibility. 

The development of transparent AI, a form of AI that professionals can readily examine and explain, is a trend that needs to be implemented to ensure the safety of AI in the future. If an application does not have transparent code, then it might be responsible for compromising security or violating legal regulations without any effort on a hacker’s part.

Wrapping Up

Technology will continue to evolve and must be monitored even as we move into 2022. If we do not understand our technology, can we truly trust it? Ultimately, the ability to monitor and verify the security of our technological advancement requires talented professionals who understand how it works at the most fundamental level. 

If you are seeking skilled IT staff to ensure the technology and programs being employed are safe and sustainable, contact us at WideNet. We have made it our mission to provide the talent you need to ensure the safety and security of your applications.