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The 5 Steps We Take to Deliver the Best Possible Talent


When we launched our company in 2009, we chose the name WideNet Consulting because it was the perfect summation of our approach to technology consulting and recruitment: We cast the widest net possible to help match our clients with the very best consultants and candidates, in a way that’s strategic, efficient and custom-tailored.

That approach is even more valuable today, as the Seattle tech hiring market continues to evolve. There’s an unprecedented level of top talent entering the market, and we’re seeing greater churn as more and more professionals complete their time at the local tech giants and migrate to companies and startups across a broad array of industries.

So how do we help clients take advantage of the opportunities in this competitive market? What does “casting a wide net” mean in practice? Here’s a look at our five-step process for delivering the best possible talent.

1. Gain Understanding
We work one-on-one with clients from the beginning of the engagement to ensure our in-depth understanding of not only their specific hiring project, but the inner workings and culture of their organization. In our view, it’s not enough for a candidate to match with a project’s skill requirements. If that person isn’t a solid “team fit,” we’ll keep looking.

2. Leverage Our Network
We scan our proprietary database—filled with more than 30,000 categorized, pre-qualified professionals—to help create a working list of candidates, based on their potential fit for the specific position, team and organizational culture. We’re proud of the breadth and quality of our first-line network, as it’s the result of years of relationship building.

3. Go International When Needed
Whenever appropriate, we go beyond the talent pool in the Pacific Northwest to fully leverage our extensive networks in the United States and Canada. Informed by our knowledge of the client’s organizational culture, we’ll zero in on the most qualified, best-matched talent anywhere we can find it. From Bellevue to Boston, from Tacoma to Vancouver, we’ll match the exact right people to specific teams and projects.

4. Narrow the List
From this exhaustive search, we build a tighter working list of potential finalists based on phone and in-person interviews, background checks, extensive skill assessments and more, again tied to our deep understanding of the client’s business.

5. Deliver Reliable Finalists
We put forward finalists a client can trust. Once we’ve identified a strong group of potential hires, we provide the client with insight on three or four pre-screened, stack-ranked individuals ready and excited to help their new organization reach its business objectives.

Importantly, our “wide net” approach benefits not just clients, but job candidates, consultants and contractors as well. Tech professionals in the Greater Seattle area seek us out because they know we’ll bring them access to a wide range of industries, and a diverse mix of local, national and international organizations from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

Our objective with this five-step process is to strive for a 1:1 submit-to-hire ratio, on time and on budget. It’s how we’ve been able to make meaningful additions to a vast array of outstanding organizations, highlighted by the placement of more than 2,100 tech professionals in the past 10 years.