Filling The Gaps for Burkhart Dental

What we did

·    IT consulting

·    Process evaluation

·    Infrastructure evaluation

About Burkhart Dental

Burkhart Dental was founded in 1888 by Dr. William Burkhart as an adjunct to his dental practice. Burkhart Dental now provides over $150 million a year in equipment, repair, supplies, continuing education and other services to over 5,000 dentists. The company has over 400 employees and is dedicated to providing clients the attention and service level of a small family-owned business.

The Challenge

Burkhart Dental is one of the oldest companies in the state of Washington and has scaled in order to meet the growing demands of the dental community.  One of the major challenges they faced was that advances in technology were outpacing their I.T. capability; they lacked the know-how to sync supply chain management, fulfillment and case management with the I.T. department.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the company inventory, personnel and customer inquiries.

They had reached a point in their business where they could no longer afford to operate with their limited IT capacity.

The Solution

WideNet professional services completed a comprehensive, six-week assessment of Burkhart’s IT Capabilities including initiatives review, business and technology alignment, project management Life Cycle and Systems Development Life Cycle process evaluation, help desk automation, escalation processes, and infrastructure and personnel capability assessment. Our consultant provided Burkhart a detailed expression of how the future IT capabilities at the company should look along with a high-level roadmap outlining how to implement the recommendations. Upon completion of the assessment, Burkhart Dental’s leadership team chose to adopt and implement a wide range of WideNet’s recommendations in several focus areas.

WideNet worked with Burkhart defining the recommendations and engaging in broad development exercises with a variety of key company stakeholders, including individual contributors and the executive leadership team. We started with short-term projects like record management and retention capability, accounting enterprise resource planning and implementation, help desk restructure and infrastructure upgrade. Long-term, ongoing projects include the establishment of an on-premises data center and cloud-based high-availability and disaster-recovery capability.

The Result

The streamlined IT processes has allowed Burkhart to begin the process of housing data on-premises resulting in a large cost savings and ability to allocate resource to develop other areas of the business.

WideNet’s experience in identifying areas for improvement and implementing sustainable solutions has enabled Burkhart Dental to expand its business without adding headcount and has minimized inaccurate reporting and inventory discrepancies. By taking a holistic approach to consulting, our recommendations will continue to support Burkhart Dental’s growth and ability to respond to changing IT process needs for years to come.