Managed Services

It’s no secret that an investment in technology is crucial for any business to remain competitive; however, if IT is not your core business or you struggle with resource constraints, you may benefit from partnering with a vendor. With Managed Services, our team becomes an extension of your organization, handling IT initiatives while you focus on revenue generating operations. We employee some of the most talented and driven consultants in the industry, and are capable of supporting your organization from data management to internal communications.

Understanding that Managed Services is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ remedy, we are dedicated to developing and implementing smart, scalable and sustainable solutions to support all of your mission-critical IT environments.

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“I have worked with a few people at WideNet over the past several years and have developed a high degree of confidence in their ability to deliver quality consultants. They have been very involved in understanding what we need from a culture fit and have always been quick to adjust after receiving feedback”.

VP of Engineering
Seattle, WA, Technology Industry