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WideNet Consulting Releases WideScreen™


Wide•Screen [wīd-skrēn] an exclusive resource-delivery methodology that provides targeted and thorough results, delivering Clients the most qualified Consultants and Candidates. Our objective is to have a 1:1 submit-to-hire ratio, on time and on budget every time, utilizing the process and tools in place to reach that goal for our Clients.

The Net Reaches Near AND Far

WideScreen spans not only throughout the Pacific Northwest, but, when necessary, worldwide. From Bellevue to Boston, and Tacoma to Australia, we use our network of connections and our knowledge of our Client’s culture to find the most qualified people who will easily fit in for projects where others cannot.

Knowing Our Clients

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand not only what projects are needing resources for, but also have an in-depth understanding of the inner-workings and personality of the company. From project-based efforts to full-time technical and executive placement, we work to ensure ALL skills are the right match. One person may have the ability to deliver on the client’s requirements, however, if they are not a solid “team-fit”, unnecessary conflict may occur, leaving more of a negative wake than a positive result. A bad experience for anyone is unacceptable to WideNet.

Profile Manager Doing The Work

WideNet Consulting has thousands of individuals categorized, interviewed, and qualified in our WideScreen Profile Manager. This technology helps us quickly identify potential Candidates with the desired skill sets.

From phone and in-person interviews, to background checks and extensive skill assessments, we use our understanding of our Client’s business in conjunction with the WideScreen Profile Manager to build a working list of individuals. And when a larger “net” needs to be cast, we’ll utilize our worldwide network, identifying new candidates to incorporate into the Profile Manager for evaluation.

Once a strong group of candidates is identified, we provide the hiring manager a “WideScreen Interview Pool Report,” which contains details and insight on three to four, pre-screened, stack ranked individuals ready and excited to help our Clients reach their business objectives.

The proprietary WideScreen program has been very successful for everyone involved and continues to be a reason for WideNet to be the first call when looking for consulting, staffing, leadership, and project management-team needs.