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Three Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2023 

Job Market Trends

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re seeing some job market trends setting the stage for an exciting landscape for candidates and employers in 2023. Here’s a sampling of what you can expect when hiring talent or finding your next role in a rapidly changing market!

1) Remote Work Is Becoming the Standard

What’s going on with remote work? While it’s still at the tipping point, remote hiring is becoming much more prominent in the workforce. While many employers initially expected remote work to be a flash in the pan, the trends we’re seeing today indicate a different story.

Here are some eye-opening statistics about remote work during 2022:

  • 45% of remote workers indicate they work more and are more productive.
  • 83% of employees claim remote workers benefit their organization.
  • 32% say not having to commute returns a good amount of their precious time during the day.
  • 85% of office workers say remote options help them spend more time with loved ones.
  • 48% of the labor force experience improved work/life balance with remote options.

Of course, it’s essential to discuss the remote work trend and where it’s going in the context of the recent pandemic. While not all these statistics are directly related to the pandemic, it has undoubtedly impacted and will continue to influence how we work in 2023. These trends have been brewing for years. The pandemic just gave them a shot in the arm.

Expect to see less use of the term “working from home.” Instead, it’s more commonly referred to as “flexible work arrangements” since many people struggle to accomplish work at home but still need an alternative physical workspace.

2) Job Market Trends for Job Seekers During a Possible Recession

Many economists predict we are due for a shift in the economy in 2023. For job seekers, an economic downturn could mean extra difficulty in looking for work and getting hired next year. Because of this, job seekers should prepare for change.

Many job seekers may have been on the fence or could not return to work. Or maybe you’re considering a job change in the future. If this sounds like you, contract work may be a viable option. Hiring contractors over full-time staff is an easy win as businesses look to find more affordable ways to produce their products and services. Regardless of if you’re looking for contract or full-time, the sooner you get started on your job search, the sooner you’ll have the advantage and can avoid competing with job seekers when times are tight.

3) Employer Branding is More Important Than Ever

Employer branding is going to become an even bigger priority in 2023. Employers need to build their brand—how a company presents itself to potential candidates—to make their company look attractive and desirable! It’s no mistake that 83% of employers claim their brand plays an increasingly important role in attracting and hiring talent.

Why the added emphasis on employer branding?

More and more people are connecting to the world digitally at an accelerated rate. As a result, automated recruiting is putting more employers in front of more workers than ever. But often a job seeker’s encounter with an employer will be extremely brief. Because a brand is a way for employers to remain memorable with candidates and indicate what it’s like to work at their organization, for most candidates, this will become the determining factor in applying for the role.

In 2023, the rise in digital traffic in the job market will likely mean a corresponding rise in the importance of an employer’s brand. The more staying power the employer’s brand, the higher the chances this will influence a job seeker to learn more or apply for a role.

WideNet Consulting is Your Recruiting Partner for 2023 and Beyond

We hope you found these job market trends helpful in preparing you for the exciting year ahead.

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