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What to Know When Hiring Your Next App Developer

Hiring App Developers

App developers are a valuable resource, and hiring the right one is clearly paramount to the success of your company. But that’s easier said than done, especially when there are so many different skills they may offer — it can be difficult to discern just who the right hire may be.

In this blog, we’ll go over key skills and qualifications you should be looking for. So no matter what you’re looking to build, you’ll have the information you need to get it done.

What Kind of Developer Do You Need?

First up, let’s look at the different types of developers out there and how their skills differ.

iOS Developers 

This is a catch-all term for developers who build apps for Apple’s mobile operating system iOS. If you’re building an app for iOS, you will likely need an iOS developer.

Mobile Web Developers

These developers specialize in creating apps that people can use on their mobile phones, but do so through the web browser. Think of these like hybrid apps where some of the code is native (built with the device’s SDK), while other code is non-native.

Desktop Web Developers 

Similar to mobile web developers, desktop web developers build apps that are accessible from a computer.

Hybrid Web Developers

These professionals build both mobile and desktop apps that interface with your website. These are hybrid apps because, like the apps Mobile Web Developers work with, they also use both native and non-native code.

Mobile App Designers 

Mobile App Designers are responsible for the “look and feel” of your app. Their work is heavily dependent on the user experience and can be highly nuanced as it can involve creating the interface, branding, and animations with a balance between aesthetics and clarity with ease of use.

Mobile App Testers

Without mobile testers, you’d have little insight to one of the most important features of your app: the user experience. These professionals test your apps for bugs, defects, clarity, and ease of use before they’re published, so you can be sure you have a seamless user experience without errors.

What Skills To Look For In Your Next App Developer

Next, let’s look at the different skills you can expect to find among app development professionals. These are the core areas, but if you have other specialty requirements, definitely make sure to communicate them during the hiring process.

There are many technical skills that your developers need to master, but here are some of the basics you should expect:

Programming Languages

For web and mobile platforms, most development is done in Objective C (iOS), Java (Android), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and C#.

Familiarity With Popular App Frameworks

Most development is built with a framework, and some of the most popular frameworks are made by Apple (for iOS), Google (for Android), Facebook, jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch.

Devices And Hardware Understanding

Developers need to understand how to use and work with all the different mobile devices out there before they can develop for them. This requires experience and research, especially if you’re hiring an iOS developer.

Platforms And Systems

Developers need to understand the different platforms and systems your app can be used on. This means your developer should know how to make apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. It also means they should know how to code for BlackBerry 10, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry OS 10.


This skill is all about being able to optimize your app so that it shows up in Google search results when people look for similar apps or products.

Web Technologies

Developers need to understand how to use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery Mobile. They also should be familiar with Responsive Web Design and Bootstrap (mobile-friendly programming concepts).

Native Programming Skills

These are needed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps.

Hire Your Next App Developer With Confidence

Knowing what you need in an App Developer is a great start. But knowing where to find the best App Developers is another thing altogether.

At WideNet Consulting, we have the talent you’re looking for. But more importantly, we work hard to earn your trust so you can hire with confidence and speed. When we take the burden of sourcing and hiring App Developers, you’ll be able to focus on what matters the most—growing your business. Contact us today to get started