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Cloud Network Engineer-6250

Seattle, WA

Posted: 2022-08-17
Job Type: Direct Hire

We are currently seeking a Cloud Network Engineer to assist with our application and infrastructure modernization efforts. Our team applies software engineering principles to common infrastructure systems to make these systems as robust and as easy to use as possible for our product teams and customers. Whether it’s building infrastructure-as-code, operations automation, or developer tools, our focus is to build platforms that enable our teams to move fast and accelerate the delivery of business value. We are responsible for building, automating, monitoring, documenting, and upgrading all infrastructure related to the cloud-based platforms. The Platform Services team will create, maintain, and monitor environments, react to challenges, work cooperatively with security and development teams and provide the expertise that promotes constant improvements and develop the automation to support or continuously growing infrastructure.


What’s the job?


With the expansion of our presence in AWS and plans to migrate or onboard several customers in our Cloud environment, we are looking to hire someone with strong Cloud Networking experience that can help solve interesting challenges with our customers and our internal teams. The job lends itself well to someone with good leadership and communication skills and who possess the ability to work directly with customer Networking and Security teams as well as internal stakeholders to architect and implement the virtual infrastructure and customer connectivity for our SaaS hosting environments.


Responsibilities of this role include:

  • Acting as the technical subject matter expert; drive, design, and build the next generation of virtual network infrastructure and platform services across multiple layers of architecture
  • Manage an infrastructure-as-code foundation for our public and private cloud environments
  • Practice and advocate for infrastructure engineering best practices like GitOps, Infrastructure As Code (IaC), etc.
  • Balance strategic and tactical objectives and the work on cross-functional teams
  • Collaborate with Product Managers and Engineers to ensure development best practices are learned, followed, and applied
  • Provide technical guidance and educate team members and coworkers on development and operations
  • Monitor and supporting Platform Services applications and networks and improv the platform operations experience. Experience with tools such as APM Tools, Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, or AWS CloudWatch is preferred.
  • Define network architecture and security requirements for customers
  • Work on implementing networking technologies within AWS: Transit Gateway, Load Balancers, Site-to-Site VPN, and AWS Network Firewall.

Job Qualifications

The right person will bring some combination of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • We are looking for someone who can build, automate, and support mission-critical large scale infrastructure systems and virtual networks using Infrastructure-as-Code, particularly terraform
  • Proficiency in Hybrid Cloud Networking and AWS Networking is required. Strong knowledge of VPCs, Transit Gateway, Load Balancers, Site-to-Site VPN, and AWS Network Firewall is preferred.
  • A strong understanding of Linux systems administration
  • Automation and configuration management skills using Ansible, or similar tools (Puppet, Chef, Salt Stack)
  • Experience with container orchestration is preferred. (Examples: Docker, Fargate/ECS)
  • Experience with version control systems like GitHub, CI/CD unit testing, and configuration management systems.
  • 3+ years of experience with AWS Cloud technologies (EC2, EKS, RDS, Lambda, S3, Aurora, Elasticsearch, etc.) 

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