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AWS Developer – 6054

Bellevue, WA

Posted: 2022-02-28
Job Type: Contract To Hire

Top Must Have Skills:

·       Solid

software design skills

·       Proficiency

in developing serverless AWS application using relevant AWS technologies such as:     

o  API Gateway

o  Lambdas

o  Amazon Aurora

o  CloudFormation


o  IAM

o  Step Functions

o  CLI/AWS Tool for Powershell

·      Proficient in REST API development/testing/maintenance

·      Strong knowledge and experience with:


o  Python

o  ADO pipeline development, deployment

o  Automated testing

o  API first development using OpenAPI


Nice to Have

·      Strong, recent experience in pub – sub development, testing, and maintenance

·      Experience with Dynamo DB, AWS Glue

·  Design muscle and extensive experience using white boards.

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