Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Building a culture of innovation starts here.

If you’re staffing an entire IT operation or division, let WideNet Consulting’s Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) program help you create a culture of innovation and strategically plan your organization’s future. Our RPO program is a reliable, cost-effective way to build successful IT operations—without the burden of handling HR functions on your own.

Our engagement model and rate structure are flexible and customizable. We’ll serve as your full-service tech recruiting partner, with a comprehensive range of search services, as well as collaborative, expert consultation in areas including:

  • Team-building
  • Compensation packages
  • Interviewing
  • Training programs
  • Job descriptions
  • Screening tools


Alaska Airlines was seeking a major, rapid expansion of its IT staff: 33% growth in head count within 12 months. WideNet was one of two hiring partners selected after an extensive search. We were pivotal in fulfilling nearly two-thirds of the technical roles; Alaska Airlines saw us as a critical partner in managing the process and integrating these new hires into the company’s culture.


After WideNet recruited a new VP of Technology/CTO for Pokémon, we were asked to assist in the hiring of over 40 people to implement the VP’s tech roadmap and vision. Our onsite manager collaborated with Pokémon’s HR and Technology teams to develop interview templates and screening processes, and support the hiring of technology leaders and managers and their staffs.

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Let us become your trusted recruiting partner.

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“I have worked with a few people at WideNet over the past several years and have developed a high degree of confidence in their ability to deliver quality consultants. They have been very involved in understanding what we need from a culture fit and have always been quick to adjust after receiving feedback”.

VP of Engineering
Seattle, WA, Technology Industry