DevOps Engineer

Job Description

Our client is focused on ‘freeing’ health care data for the purpose of creating innovative solutions for patients, providers, health systems, and consumer companies. Our client is an equal opportunity employer that prizes diversity and a positive workplace. We value people with a good sense of humor, the ability to work well with others, self motivation, detailed organizational skills, data driven thinking, and strong work ethic. The client is seeking an energetic senior Developer Operations Engineer who will be tasked with ensuring that the technical operations evolve rapidly from manual, one-off processes to efficient, automated execution. In this role, you will contribute meaningfully to the overall technical operations plan (processes, tools, measurements, etc), ensure consensus on the priorities and approach, and execute crisply on a concise roadmap. The role will interact with the engineering and product teams; coordinating to avoid adverse impacts and ensuring that dependencies are tightly managed.

  • Assist in the architecture and build out of our virtual data center at Google Compute Platform;
  • building out cloud based automation/configuration management using ansible, kubernetes, Google PaaS tools, etc
  • Develop automated tools/scripts to eliminate manual tasks. Eg, fully dockerizing our data collection, ingestion, and distribution systems (Python, Perl, shell, etc.)
  • Conduct system maintenance activities (backups, patching processes, operating system
    optimization, file system management, service updates/upgrades, etc.) and accountable for
    communication, coordination, and execution of these activities
  • Configure and maintain our ELK stack; ensure that developer teams are creating appropriate
    logging/alerts and that we have operational dashboards in kibana that accurately depict the health
    of our stack
  • Operate as the first line of defense to triage alerts/alarms/incidents in the production environment;
    responsible for conducting root cause analysis for incidents, assignment of fix to appropriate team,
    and follow up to ensure fix put into place (Python, Perl, shell, etc.)
    Additional skills/background includes:
  • Experience working with extremely sensitive data (PCI, HIPAA, etc)
  • Hands on experience with host based networking tools (Nginx, Apache, iptables, etc)
  • Huge plus to have experience with open source databases (setting up, tuning, maintenance for
    products such as Mongo, Redis, Rocks DB, Cassandra, etc)


  • At least five years of hands on work experience in the field
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field (Computer Science or Computer Engineering preferred; may
    substitute relevant work experience)
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Passion for new technology and customer focus