Senior Product Manager

Job Description

As the Product Manager of Individual Markets, you will manage the design, development and launch of new products and the enhancement of existing products across markets and segments. This position develops recommendations, provides expert consultation and performs assessments and analyses supporting corporate priorities, market strategies, product strategies and product launches.


  • Design and develop products through final specifications.
  • Work across sales and marketing leadership, other departments and other team members to define and clarify work objectives, specific deliverables and timelines in launching new and revisions to existing products.
  • Coordinate, consult and support work achieving deliverables on corporate priorities, market and product strategies, product development efforts and RFI/RFP responses.
  • Identify and frames issues, assess approaches to organize the work, and develop guiding frameworks to support prioritization and completion of work.
  • Coordinate and facilitate departmental and interdepartmental workgroups, work debriefings, planning sessions, and other facilitated discussions.
  • Work collaboratively with associates and provide coaching and subject matter expertise.


  • Bachelor’s degree or four years of product, consulting, planning, research, and/or equivalent health industry work experience.
  • Four years of health care/health insurance product development experience is preferred

Reference Number: 5294