Senior Technical Artist

Job Description


Within our Client’s Digital Products division, the Interactive Immersive Experiences (IIX) team is responsible for defining and creating the future of interactive narrative entertainment. They are looking for a Sr. Technical Artist who demonstrates a deep understanding of both art and technology – with particular focus in real-time, XR and games; who can both create stellar-looking content and create tools to unlock the talents of other artists.

Significant game development experience is essential and working well with various partners and clients is expected. Above all, they need people who embrace the unknown: who can take their expertise and accomplish things that have never been done before; who are adaptable and able to stretch – as comfortable in the often-nebulous exploratory space of R&D as they are supporting more familiar production and development efforts — because they are embracing that entire spectrum.


Working closely with the Directors of Art, Engineering & R&D, you will be responsible for researching, developing and employing a range of innovative Tech Art techniques across both the internal R&D efforts and the ongoing external 3rd-party products.

  • Craft new methods of delivering first-in-class visual quality that are optimized and performant across a number of existing and emerging platforms, including XR, all in the context of mature, immersive stories
  • Research/ analyze/ critique the bleeding-edge state of the art in tools, techniques and companies representing the pinnacle of real-time interactive experiences, sharing those learnings with the team and bringing them in to our prototypes and demos, sharing our learnings with the greater industry
  • Develop innovative tech art pipelines, tools, and strategies to prototype characters, worlds effects, etc. that respond dynamically to player input, sharing our learnings with the greater industry
  • Adapt to and thrive in the midst of dynamic and pioneering missions, bringing an agile, future-reaching incubation/ R&D mindset


  • 8+ years of work with creative software product development over 4+ product releases
  • 6+ years as professional production artist, technical artist or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years in a senior capacity within Technical Art specialty.
  • Bachelor’s (and/or higher) degree in digital art, digital content-creation tools workflows and pipelines, graphics-centric software engineering or a closely related field
  • In addition to a breadth of generalist skills, a deep specialty focus in such areas as character creation, simulations, VFX, procedural environment generation, and more.
  • Demonstrated ability to balance technical efficiencies and performance constraints with the authors’ artistic and narrative intent – all to deliver top-of-class results
  • Hands-on experience on AAA+ quality games or equivalent, including VR and AR products
  • Expert-level knowledge of current game engines, such as Unreal, Unity, CryEngine, et al. and modern software development processes, from pre-production to maintenance
  • Proficient with professional 3D software for content production across multiple disciplines, intimate familiarity with all aspects of art asset pipeline and tools
  • Coding, workflow tool and script authoring experience that reduces the cost of in-house or outsourced content production and pushes creative iteration.  Python /MEL/Photoshop/ Pipeline Tools, Shaders (HLSL) etc.), and LUA. C++ is a plus.
  • Ability to evaluate external studios/ vendors/ partners for their technical and artistic capabilities
  • Passion for visual quality in real-time experience/game development
  • Highly effective communicator (both verbal and written) with the ability to partner, engage, and translate across both technical and non-technical teams.
  • A strong portfolio demonstrating breadth and technical problem-solving confidence across multiple domains of art and visual fidelity


  • Experience in and passion for other branches of the entertainment industry, such as film/ VFX, animation, TV, etc.
  • Skill/ experience/ knowledge of procedural art tools, e.g. Substance and Houdini
  • Strong network of developers and vendors in the gaming and digital entertainment ecosystem
  • Other creative, less overtly ‘technical’ art skills, such as sketching, drawing, illustration, 3D modeling, etc.

Reference Number: 5310