Data Analytics Project Manager

Job Description


  • Build an integrated platform for data insights and visualizations that drives business decisions in support of our Client’s customers’ needs
  • Implement foundational use cases to give a 360 view of their customers and their journey(s) and needs across their channels.
  • Reduce manual process and spend for third party data and analytics services.
  • Integrate people, processes, and technology across all support organizations, thereby radically changing the way we deliver energy services to our customers and ultimately eliminating customer’s problems while driving costs out of our customer-facing services.

Data Analytics Project Manager Role Description:
(In addition to the standard PM JD)

  • Ability to manage multiple project work streams (both technical and functional) simultaneously, including data extraction and ingestion, use case building, and visualization/dashboards
  • Successfully deliver the Data Analytics Project
    • Collaborate with:
      • Program Manager to ensure clear roles and responsibilities between project leadership resources are identified and reviewed regularly for effectiveness
      • Organizational Change Management lead and Training Advisors to ensure adoption of integrated business processes
      • Benefits advisor to ensure project benefits are realized
      • Solution Architect to ensure technology solutions achieve the identified outcomes
      • Benefits and dashboard leads to ensure visualization use cases meets business goals and objectives
      • System Integrator resources to ensure contractual deliverables meet the expected quality
      • Agile Teams to ensure collaborative engagement through constructive, informed dialog
  • Successfully manage the Data Analytics Project
    • Excellent communication skills across multiple leadership levels (manager, directors, c-suite)
    • Deliver weekly status updates that highlight:
      • Significant accomplishments and/or delays against the Project Schedule
      • Upcoming work to be performed
      • Milestone status
      • This status report will be provided every Friday for the previous week’s work unless an alternate schedule or frequency is agreed upon by both Parties.
    • Ensure project risks, issues, and actions are captured and logged
    • Ensure project decisions are requested and logged
    • Follow escalation procedures to meet milestone and deliverable due dates
  • Desired qualifications
    • Experience with ETL processes
    • Experience with AWS technology solutions
    • Experience with PowerBI
    • Awareness of Data Governance methodologies and Security controls

Reference Number: 5264