Cloud Engineer – 4581


The Cloud Engineer will help design, develop, and install software solutions. The key project for this role is greenfield and offers the most current tools and technologies for the core team. In this role, you will support the build of high-quality, innovative, and fully performing software in compliance with coding standards and technical design. The role requires the skills of an experienced professional with a solid understanding of industry practices and company policies and procedures.


  • Support the design and building of highly scalable, resilient, performant cloud micro-services and APIs that interface with business applications like SAP and Salesforce.
  • Work with QA in close collaboration on developing testing processes, frameworks, automation, and deployment strategies.
  • Work with architects on software and system optimizations, helping to identify and remove potential performance bottlenecks.
  • Focus on innovating new and better ways to create solutions that add value.
  • Work closely in collaboration with product management, program management, QA, cloud operations, technical support, and sales teams at various stages of product development.
  • Should have experience of working on User Story/Task


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience preferred
  • 5-7 years of software development experience
  • 2+ years of working experience in Java
  • 2+ years of designing and developing microservices
  • Strong OOD and Design Patterns principles
  • Experience with supporting the building and developing of high quality solutions on AWS, Azure, or similar cloud platforms
  • Cloud-based distributed application scaling & data processing
  • NoSQL database systems such as DynamoDb, Mongo, Cassandra, HBase, or BigTable
  • RDBMS systems such as Postgress, MySql, or MS SQL Server
  • Caching systems such as Redis, Consul, or Memcache
  • Experience with Docker containers
  • Professional experience with Git and software development process
  • Strong knowledge of agile development practices, methodologies and tools


  • Working experience with creating web services using DropWizard
  • Experience developing Application implementing Autopilot Pattern
  • Experience implementing Event Sourcing Pattern
  • Experience with Streaming Systems such as AWS Kinesis, Kafka, SQS
  • Data Warehousing with systems such as Redshift, Hadoop, Spark
  • Services orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes or Docker Swarm
  • Working knowledge of HTTP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON


  • Helps support, influences, and drives quality across teams, disciplines, and the organization.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to decompose complex problems and perform root cause analyses.
  • Understand the impact of technology on business challenges, processes, and efficiency
  • Work independently and manage multiple projects concurrently
  • Translate technical information into easy to understand language
  • Compose clear and concise technical written communication


  • Receptive to change – is flexible. Seeks and adopts improved approaches and processes.
  • Initiates action – is results oriented, takes responsibility for actions and outcomes. Meets commitments and strives for high performance.
  • Manages the workload – makes timely decisions, prioritizes effectively, solves problems, monitors results and takes remedial action where necessary. Ability to quickly master new systems and/or processes, capacity to stay organized while managing competing priorities.
  • Technically proficient – knows role and has a solid familiarity with tasks and responsibilities.
  • Takes responsibility for own learning – knows personal strengths and recognizes development needs. Is open to feedback and always seek to learn. You’re always learning and in turn, you’re always teaching.
  • Communicates ideas – strong facilitation and written communication, proposes a way forward. Listens to views of colleagues and takes in diverse perspectives.
  • Works collaboratively – shares information, fosters teamwork and contributes to positive work environment where people want to come to work. Support other divisions within the company as needed with a focus on process improvement.
  • Display ethical character and competence – acts with integrity and intent, is accountable for own actions, aligns with our company’s core values and strategic goals.
  • Standards and procedures -Using meticulous attention to detail, implement consistent, high quality and measurable procedures and protocols.
  • Build strong internal relationships- You are emotionally intelligent and know your audience.
  • Critical thinking, ability to challenge others and drive productivity, while maintaining strong business relationships.
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast paced, high energy, team-oriented environment.