API Software Engineer – 4785

Our client’s team is working on an application that aims to be a one-stop compliance filing for and by accuracy experts.

Technical / Experience Requirements: 

  • Extensive experience using modern CI/CD pipelines and some experience container orchestration such as Kubernetes, and Docker Swarm
  • Polygot Development Organization (Python, Javascript, .NET core, GoLang, Elixir/ERLang)
  • MongoDB experience (understands SCIM to some extent)
  • To provide the user and profile identity stores
  • Understands multiple protocols (such as SAML, OAuth, HTTP/s)
  • Know APIs, especially REST APIs, inside and out
  • Understands Docker (containerization)
  • Knowledge around development languages (Javascript, Go, Elixir, and Python)
  • Focus on SLAs and metrics around the data itself – data flow, latency, semantics, fidelity
  • Know what types of data to use, how to use it, and be able to handle the scale and speed
  • Know how to correctly structure APIs, set break into correct models meaningful to consumers and Service teams
  • Testing and Documentation (Swagger, postman)


  • Please only apply if you live in the Greater Seattle Area
  • We cannot sponsor H1-B visas at this time
  • We are not looking to expand our current list of preferred Corp-to-Corp vendors at this time