Software Engineer

Job Description


This is a full-time opportunity. As a software engineer at Client, you will work alongside a broader tech team that is comprised of fellow software engineers, AI/ML scientists, and computer graphics engineers.

Specific roles and responsibilities include:

  • Full lifecycle software development: As Client brings a new product for the market to bear, the software engineer must apply sound software engineering techniques to the design, development, and testing of the software system.
  • Full stack software development: The Client technology stack encompasses multiple heterogenous components – from front-end hardware and applications, to heavy-duty backend GPU-processing, to APIs that tie the overarching solution together. As such, it is crucial for the software engineer to have the ability to design/develop/test along the ‘full stack’.
  • Software integration: The software engineer will be required to keep abreast of the headway being made among tech peers working in AI/ML and computer graphics so that they [the software engineer] can continuously integrate their [AI/ML + graphics personnel] resultant work into the software system and/or integrate works from 3rd-parties (i.e., recommended open source software packages, work products developed by partners/sub-contractors, etc.)
  • DevSecOps: Client is a relatively small team developing a cutting-edge product that is vulnerable to a plethora of cybersecurity risks; therefore, having a security mindset and applying security best practices to code design and development is a must.


  • 3+ years of commercial software development experience
  • Experience with C++ or Python
  • Experience with Linux
  • BS in Computer Science or related discipline, or equivalent experience

Experience in at least one of the following areas is also required:

  • Machine learning and ML libraries, e.g., pytorch or TensorFlow
  • Computer vision and CV libraries, e.g., OpenCV
  • Audio/video data streaming and processing
  • Computer graphics pipelines and rendering engines, e.g., Unreal or Unity
  • GPU/GPGPU programming
  • Windows application development
  • Digital media, including animation, AR/VR

Reference Number: 5682