AI/ Machine Learning Scientist

Job Description


This is a full-time opportunity with our client who is a well-funded stealth startup creating a cutting-edge enterprise platform for interactive customer and employee engagement. They are looking for very creative, collaborative self-starters who want to rapidly experiment and then ship a reliable, easy-to-use system that creates a new product category. This is an innovator’s dream challenge that requires fusing the input of multiple audio/video/lidar sensors, reasoning over those data streams with faster-than-real-time AI systems, and then translating those outputs to hyper-realistic 3D interactive renderings using the Unreal or Unity game engines.

They are looking for an AI/ML scientist to join their new team and build state of the art technology in the areas of advanced computer graphics, AI/ML, and audio/video data processing.


  • Participate in the development of their technology and product
  • Collaborate with partners and integrate their software into Client’s own system
  • Evaluate open source and other libraries for possible inclusion in Client’s system
  • Assist in the myriad of engineering tasks that a new company needs to be successful.
  • Work independently, communicate effectively verbally and in writing, set priorities, and manage multiple tasks.
  • Be passionate and fearless in learning new skills and exploring new ideas.


  • 5+ years of commercial experience building ML solutions, including model development, training, evaluation, and deployment
  • Extensive experience developing models (using TensorFlow or pytorch or similar), both from scratch and by building on existing models, as well as using transfer learning
  • Experience in applying machine learning and other statistical techniques across multiple subject domains
  • Solid experience with one or more of the following ML areas: computer vision (CNNs, including image segmentation and video processing), time series analysis and prediction (RNNs) or autoencoders
  • Ability to perform literature searches, read and evaluate current technical papers, and present findings verbally and in writing
  • Experience programming in Python
  • Experience developing code under Linux
  • MS in Computer Science or related discipline

Experience in at least one of the following areas is also required:

  • Setting up ML Ops frameworks
  • Audio processing, NLP, or sentiment analysis
  • Generalizing and detecting patterns in heterogenous data streams
  • Soft real-time systems
  • Building GANs
  • Performance optimization, e.g. GPU programming
  • Digital media, including animation

Reference Number: 5681