AWS Data Engineer

Job Description


This person will work within the Data Analytics team that supports data across the enterprise. The team has 35 people on it, ranging from data scientist, reporting engineers, and data engineers. This person will support the Data Management team who are made up of data scientist and machine learning experts using AWS, SageMaker, and Juniper. Because of this, this person will need to have an understanding of machine learning, but they do not need to be an expert.

Our Client is in a digital transformation process where they are taking their current platforms and modernizing pieces of it as they go. This position will play a strong role in directing the modernization pieces and helping train people in other teams on this technology. They are still learning the capabilities of AWS with data engineering, and this person will help shape how they use the tool. Because of this, this candidate will need to have strong experience working in this area. They will need to understand that they’ll work in the current platform to keep the lights on as they build and modernize the technology as they go.

NOTE: This person is more of an AWS Engineer with a focus in data engineering, Machine Learning, or cloud engineering vs. building out DevOps pipelines/environments in AWS.


  • Solution Architect – this role will not always have a set of requirements to go with the problems. This person will enjoy receiving a business problem and building a solution for it. This could be regarding what technology to use, how to use it, or how to use a current process better, etc.
  • Building Data Pipelines/integrating services within AWS – This person will have strong experience working with data in AWS. Integrating systems with power BI, Python, visualization tools, cloud formation templates etc.
  • Training Documentation – This person will create training documentation on the solutions they develop. Clinet has meet up groups internally with technology focused conversations on things like AWS, Python, Data and Machine Learning, and this person will join those meetings and walk them through on the things that are being developed in the group. It’s a great collaboration tool that Client has had success with.

Must Have:

  • AWS experience – building pipeline, API integration, formation templates, etc. This experience is key to the team as they are still learning how to utilize it for their digital transformation.
  • Strong Python experience
  • Has worked within a data engineering, machine learning or cloud engineer with data focus role
  • Knowledge of SQL server

Reference Number: 5647