AWS Engineer

Job Description


The Data Management View Team is an IT team dedicated to serving the Data Scientists, Actuaries, and the broader Analytics community. Our Client enables rapid innovation by delivering well architected solutions built on AWS services which are aligned to business needs and the company’s Digital Operating Principles.

This role will enable you to use your AWS technical skills and passion for coaching and consulting to help internal customers navigate through digital transformation. You will teach. You will advocate. You will be a hub of collaboration.


  • AWS core services, Databases, ML Stake, MLOps
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Docker
  • At least 3-5 years’ experience creating/securing applications in AWS.
    • In-depth knowledge of cloud formation (stacks creation, IAM roles and policies etc.)
    • Understands and practices of Least Privilege Principals.
    • Creating application stacks/fleets that are resilient and take scale into consideration
    • Experience working with AWS SDKs for Python, C#, Java and other languages
    • Understand and differentiate between serverless and non-serverless deployments and which should be used in particular scenarios.
    • Choosing the correct AWS services that provide the value/function needed and understanding the costs associated with each service.
    • Deep experience working with serverless services, such as Lambda, Step Functions.
  • Experience with Azure Dev Ops to create, build, and release CICD pipelines either in Classic or YAML modes; Experience with Azure Dev Ops in the planning, tasking, and execution of Agile projects.
  • Agile experience a must.
  • Experience creating RESTful APIs.
  • Good working knowledge of Machine Learning concepts and a demonstrated capability of deploying ML solutions in the cloud.
  • Fluent in all tools that meet ML business’s objectives.
  • Python, C#, Java, NodeJs, SQL (with Python and C# being the most important)
  • Source control: Azure Devops (ADO), CFT, CDK, and Git.
  • Self-starter and collaborate with other teams (inside and outside of development)
  • Ability to craft code and infrastructure so that it can adapt to changes (extensibility)
  • Willingness to learn and to share knowledge to other teams.
  • Experience working with sensitive data and how that data will be secured at all levels.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • AWS AI Services
  • Power BI/DAX
  • Java