IS Tools Engineer or Solution Engineer- 4165

Job Description

The Engineer provides technical leadership and expertise for the Enterprise Quality Assurance Tools team. This includes solution analysis, design, development/implementation and delivery activities. The Engineer coordinates and provides ultimate technical support for other members of the Tools team. The Engineer contributes to strategic goals, planning and decision making with management teams and other teams throughout the organization. The Engineer will drive adoption of best practices and high quality standards for the QA Organization throughout the Division.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Leads and participates in the assessment, analysis and design of solutions belonging to or involved with the EQA team.
  • Establishes sustainable support and training processes for solutions.
  • Mentors and encourages team members to grow into skills needed for both new areas and team skill redundancy.
  • Solution cost benefit / ROI modeling and analysis.
  • Plans and directs tasks in a measurable way that aligns short term goals and long term initiatives.
  • Establishes sustainable software support channels and processes between team members and software vendors including training and communication of tool best practices.
  • Provides a backstop to whom other team members can bring difficult technical problems for guidance toward resolution.
  • Designs, implements and improves custom distributed software solutions on Java and/or .NET platforms.
  • Integrates diverse solution components across multiple platforms and locations using industry standard interfaces (REST, SOAP, etc.) and component specific interfaces (COM, Java, .NET, etc.).
  • Understands and utilizes enterprise software design patterns (especially Async. and Messaging patterns).
  • Understands, implements and supports industry standard source control and source change management techniques and systems using SubVersion & GIT.
  • Understands, implements and supports build and deployment using Continuous Integration and other automated techniques.
  • Advanced diagnostic and debugging skills in distributed multi-platform systems.
  • Defines, implements and validates requirements for the availability, scalability, maintainability and security of software solutions.
  • Supports measurable end-user service and support processes including SLAs.
  • Implements sustainable disaster recovery and monitoring procedures for production systems.
  • Reconciles user requests, best practices, and implementation realities to produce outcomes that support the business and avoid unnecessary scope expansion.
  • Analyzes, designs and implements solutions using software defined networking, virtual computing resources and software defined storage both in-the-cloud and on-premise.
  • Defines, implements and validates requirements for the availability, scalability, maintainability and security of infrastructure resources.Required skills and abilities
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration or other related field Or equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum 10 years of managing performance scorecard, dashboard and benchmarking processes.
  • Minimum 5 years of leading a successful direct report and matrix team.
  • Must have strong, demonstrable background in infrastructure solutions (Security, availability, performance, scalability, networking, monitoring)
  • In depth knowledge and hands on experience with multiple platforms (ex: Windows, AiX, Linux, etc.), development languages(ex:Java, C#, ABAP, etc.) and technologies (Web Applications, Web Services, MQ integration, etc.)
  • Must have strong understanding of industry best practices to aid in evolving our client’s processes / standards